Landmark Management, Inc.

597 Bryan Avenue
Wabash, IN 46992

(260) 563-1342

About Us

Overview of Landmark Management, Inc.:

Landmark Management, Inc., was formed in 1979 for the purpose of management of Rural Development apartment projects. Landmark Management, Inc., began actively pursuing management of apartment projects in 1990 with a staff of three (3) and has grown to a current general office staff of fourteen (14) full-time personnel and one (1) part-time filing clerk.

Landmark Management personnel are trained in accounting and Rural Development, Tax Credit and HUD policies, as well as state landlord/tenant laws. All accounting and tenant processing is done by computer.

Landmark Management personnel attend training seminars on an annual basis. The training includes Rural Development seminars in various states, Tax Credit seminars in various states, various outside entity seminars, etc. Landmark Management, Inc., currently manages 90 projects in 4 states consisting of 2,462 units.

Currently, 22 of the 90 projects are managed for outside owners/partnerships and 3 of those projects are managed for an outside not-for-profit corporation. Of the 90 projects – 6 are 515/Section 42 Tax Credit projects of which 4 are also syndicated, 1 is 515 with home funds, 4 are 515/Section 8 projects, 5 are HUD projects, 1 is conventional and 75 are RD 515 project of which 15 are syndicated. We also have an inside not-for-profit that owns or is an owner of several properties and is currently interested in purchasing properties.

All managers are required to attend Rural Development training seminars and we promote attending any seminar that would be beneficial to their project.

Staff of Landmark Management, Inc. / Background of Officers and Key Employees:


  • Ronald Daymude, Owner/President of Landmark Management, Inc., started his career in property management as a Real Estate Broker in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1959. In 1977 he became co-owner of Daymac Construction which built over 2,000 Rural Development units in several states some of which he has ownership. He was also co-owner of Daymac Management. Daymac Construction and Daymac Management ceased operation in 1994. He currently holds a real estate broker’s license in the state of Indiana and is on the Board of Association for Homes, Inc. a non-profit, which is actively seeking to acquire properties.
    He has recently passed the test for the contractor’s license in the state of Arizona.
  • Barbara Carpenter, Owner/Secretary of Corporation and Office Manager, worked for Daymac Construction from 1980 – 1990 as bookkeeper and office manager. She started working for Landmark Management, Inc., in 1990.


  • Jackie Mittank- employed since August of 1995
  • Tami Holley- employed since September of 2007
  • Matthew Carpenter- employed since March of 2016


  • Carrie Carpenter- employed since October 2001
  • Lisa Richards- employed since July 2002
  • Linda Bartoo- Payroll- Associate’s Degree in Accounting, employed since October of 1999


  • Ryan Sellers- Budget Specialist- Degree in Business, Majored in Accounting, employed since November of 1997
  • Chris McLean- Accounts Receivable- employed since October of 2002
  • Corey Carpenter- Administrative Assistant- Application Approvals, Tenant Certs, AFHMP’s- employed since June of 2013
  • Brandi Gidley- Administrative Assistant, Violations, Occupancy Reporting- employed since March of 2016
  • Vicki Gray- Administrative Assistant-Maintenance Reserves employed since July of 2016
  • Gareth Monroe- Administrative Assistant- RD Compliance- Tenant Law- employed since September of 2017

Statement of Experience:

  • Length of time managing Rural Development apartment projects – since 1979
  • Number of units currently managed –2,462
  • Number of properties currently managed – 90
  • Compliance programs managed
    • USDA-Rural Development – 515 (USDA-RD)
    • USDA Rural Development – 538 (USDA-RD)
    • HUD-Section 8 project based (HUD)
    • HUD-Low Rent Conventional Housing (HUD)
    • Housing and Community Development – RHCP (HCD-RHCP)
    • Housing and Community Development , MHP Bond (HCD-MHP)
    • Housing and Community Development – CHRP (HCD-CHRP)
    • Low Income Housing Tax Credit – Tax Credit (LIHTC)